Alex Kess - Artist - Photographer - Videographer - Drone Operator

"Photography is the art of capturing a moment in time, a frozen slice of the infinite flow of existence. It is a way of seeing the world, a window into the soul. It is a way of being present, of being fully alive in the here and now. Photography is a way of saying, 'I am here, I am alive, and this is what I see.'"
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Fine Art Prints

Photography by Alexander Kesselaar available as high quality Acrylic, Canvas & Paper Prints.

Production Company

Kess Media is a Sydney Based Video & Photography Content Creation Company. We help our clients create engaging, inspiring and informative content for their audiences.


Create Eye-Catching Content with VideoScribing a collaboration between Illustrator & Cartoonist Dani Vittz & Videographer and Creator Alex Kess


A community of passionate AI Art enthusiasts, creators & collectors, celebrating, appreciating, sharing and learning from each other.

Bubble Beasts NFT's

4 Billion Years ago the timelines on earth split when a time-traveller from the year 5555 accidentally dropped a bar of soap into the primordial soup.

The Symms NFT's

The Symms are 1000 unique, awe-inspiring creatures that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created one by one by Harmeet Gabha and Alex Kess in Collab with AI.

Future Shamanism

The Future belongs to the Shamans. The ones that bridge the gap between the Physical and Spiritual realms.

Elemental Symmetry

A series of kaleidoscopic mirrored photographs by Alexander Kesselaar


The Obscure Camera Collection for Photographers